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Swipe detection on Unity

This is a simple class to use swipe on mobile devices with Unity.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class SwipeScript : MonoBehaviour {

  private float fingerStartTime  = 0.0f;
  private Vector2 fingerStartPos =;
  private bool isSwipe = false;
  private float minSwipeDist  = 50.0f;
  private float maxSwipeTime = 0.5f;

  // Update is called once per frame
  void Update () {
    if (Input.touchCount > 0){

      foreach (Touch touch in Input.touches)
        switch (touch.phase)
        case TouchPhase.Began :
          /* this is a new touch */
          isSwipe = true;
          fingerStartTime = Time.time;
          fingerStartPos = touch.position;
        case TouchPhase.Canceled :
          /* The touch is being canceled */
          isSwipe = false;
        case TouchPhase.Ended :

          float gestureTime = Time.time - fingerStartTime;
          float gestureDist = (touch.position - fingerStartPos).magnitude;
          if (isSwipe && gestureTime < maxSwipeTime && gestureDist > minSwipeDist){
            Vector2 direction = touch.position - fingerStartPos;
            Vector2 swipeType =;
            if (Mathf.Abs(direction.x) > Mathf.Abs(direction.y)){
              // the swipe is horizontal:
              swipeType = Vector2.right * Mathf.Sign(direction.x);
              // the swipe is vertical:
              swipeType = Vector2.up * Mathf.Sign(direction.y);

            if(swipeType.x != 0.0f){
              if(swipeType.x > 0.0f){
                // MOVE RIGHT
                // MOVE LEFT

            if(swipeType.y != 0.0f ){
              if(swipeType.y > 0.0f){
                // MOVE UP
                // MOVE DOWN



Published on 07/01/2015 at 02h20 by pfonseca, tags

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  • by Rahul Singh 19/10/2015 at 15h31

    Awesome script…..Thanks a lot.

  • by Logan Branjord 14/07/2015 at 20h58

    This script worked great for me. Thanks for providing this. I’ve used at least 10 other swipe scripts and I use this as my base now instead of any of those.

  • by Num_T 14/06/2015 at 20h50

    I may be getting slightly confused here. This code has been a great start for me and is working more or less as I expect.

    However, I want to go on to perform more advanced stuff with it such as treating touches differently by determining whether they meet my criteria for a swipe or not and I am a little concerned about the fact that there is of course an array of touches.

    Shouldn’t each touch have it’s own start time / end time, start position / end position? In theory are they overwriting each other at the moment? So if you started a new touch at a critical moment say a frame before one was about to end it would reset the start time counter for example and what should register as a swipe on the “older” touch would not?

    If so I would probably go about setting up my own touch object inheriting from the Touch one and use instances with their own start end variables etc. I was just wondering if I am right in thinking there is a potential problem as is or am just getting confused?!


  • by sooon 06/05/2015 at 01h40

    Hi, Thanks for the script. Work like a charm. Just curious, would it be better if using FixedUpdate? According to the document it update more frequent than Update.

  • by PFonseca 07/04/2015 at 22h48

    I’ll try to create a double tap script.

  • by Gerick 19/03/2015 at 03h20

    great!, thanks a lot…

    any idea for tap or double tap?

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